Moon Chae Won : “I didn’t care about Looking Pretty”

MoonChae Won ingin dikenal publik karena kemampuan aktingnya. Bukan karena kecantikannya. Bahkan MCW terkesan tidak begitu peduli dengan penampilannya ketika ia sudah berakting.

Hal ini diungkapkan dalam Konfrensi Pers drama Good Doctor 31 Juli 2013. Dalam artikel yang dirilis mwave menjelaskan,

Moon Chae Won talked about how she loves her role and didn′t care about looking pretty for it at all because she needed to be professional.

She added, “I don′t try to look pretty when I′m acting. If I start caring about such things, I start to stray from the character. This time, since I′m supposed to be a doctor, it′s important that I put on the right expressions and show her easygoing personality, as a realistic doctor character.”

Moon Chae Won also said about being called the ′queen of ratings′, “I′ve appeared in KBS pieces on end, and I was able to get such great results thanks to the great people around me. I′m happy I′ll be working with KBS directors again this time. I can′t say I don′t feel any pressure about viewership ratings, but still I′ll just work hard to make a good and healthy drama.”

Source : mwave


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