Jung Joon Young : “Moon Chae Won is My Acting Teacher”

Ini ceritanya mereka lagi di acara “Happy Together 3” dengan tema Guru dan Murid. Salah satu bintang tamunya adalah Jung Joon Young. Nah dari perkataannya, JJY menyangka kalau yang akan datang itu Moon Chae Won. Alasannya, karena JJY menganggap MCW adalah gurunya.

He continued, “Since they said it was a teacher and pupil special I thought Moon Chae Won was coming out. My real teacher is Moon Chae Won,” casting a shadow over Lee Seung Chul. While telling episodes with Moon Chae Won, he embarrassed Lee Seung Chul. Jung Joon Young said, “Moon Chae Won is my acting teacher. Moon Chae Won held onto my arm and practiced acting, also helping with skinship acting.” Watching over him, ‘original teacher’ Lee Seung Chul commented, “When I look at it too, Moon Chae Won is better,” giving his acknowledgement.

Source : bntnews


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